Bliss Balls

I am not use to raw food yet... apart from fruits and nuts. I have always preferred toasted or warm food even though when it is comes to the salad. I normally would jazz the crunchy salad leaves with warm roasted veggies, grilled meat or warm beans. 

I  also prefer to toast nuts and usually throw the bag of unsalted raw nuts into a warm oven and toast them in a low temp until they are crunchy and toasted. One I find that they taste divine and totally irresistible.....secondly I feel they retain the freshness for a longer period of time. 

Easy and Basic Pancakes

Remember those Idyllic summer holidays back when we were kids? Those carefree afternoons and the endless evenings, the stories from grandma’s bag of surprise. Those frozen treats and best of all no homework or school to worry about. I sometimes wonder why I ever gave up being a child and traded those precious years to grow up to be the woman I am now.

Nargishi Kofta or Scotch eggs

I grew up in the lovely eastern state of Orissa sun drenched and bordered by the mighty India Ocean. The abundance of rich soil and the industry of the farmers meant that fresh food was always plentiful and the variety of fruits and vegetables encouraged the local populace to experiment with different ways of cooking and with the introduction of spices from the southern states and the influx of the Moghuls from the North who bought their meat & saffron & sweetmeat resulted in a confluence of culinary delights that was simply pure soul food. I should remember to write up a post on the culinary journey of my humble home state in India. 

Karachi Biscuits

Yesterday evening as I glanced out of my window I saw my gaunt little Japanese maple in the heights of its prime in the autumn, the riot of colours marrying sweetly with the warm green grass around swaying in the chill of the autumnal breeze. Just a few months back the same little tree sported its prime in youth and was like a full bodied wine with green leaves and barely could an empty branch be seen. Soon in a few weeks it will be just a brown little stalk inviting the wrath of my husband’s hedger blades all in the name of pruning it to shape, and as winter gives way to spring in a couple of months, little delicate leaves will spring forth from those brown stalks and they will bring with them the magic of rebirth and the mystery of the divine who ordains it thus that despite the different seasons and the abuse that my beautiful Japanese maple tree suffers it still smiles and brings and shares such immense joy. Simply standing there in the middle of my front yard, it gives me hope, joy, passion, bliss and happiness, the entire gamut of human emotions all distilled into me.